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Happy Mothers Day to all the Moms out there. We are Warriors and we are fiercely loved. Dave I can't wait for you and David to be parents. We will have a whole lot of new content on here 😄

This weekend I wanted to do something meaningful for myself as a mom, as a contributor to society and to help me grow and learn more perspective from others. Dave Rubin gave me the gift of starting my own community and I want to thank him and his team for Giving me the opportunity of creating it. He cares about giving to the world and Make it a better place for us to understand it.

I hope you pop over and mingle with us. Your friends and family are warmly welcomed to The Tribe too. Its free and Dave Rubin made it all possible. The Community is


Interested? Want to learn more about the community?
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11 hours ago
The True King of Interviewing

So sad to hear about the passing of my friend, my mentor and my bonus grandfather, Larry King.

“What does it all mean? The answer is I don’t know.”

On with Judge Jeanine in 5 minutes. Talking big tech nonsense. Gonna try to give the community a shout-out!

January 22, 2021


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