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Not gonna be ashamed about it but @DaveRubin, let me know if this is tacky and remove the post of it violates ANY of your guidelines.

Friends, fellow opened-minders, lend me your ears! Are ANY of you suffering from:

Chronic Pain?
Compulsive Eating?
Never-ending Inflammation?
Muscular diseases?

I know these are SERIOUSLY difficult times for many people. I have been crafting high potency, 100% legal, 100% CBD only tinctures for the past two months since the lockdown started. I started making them for my wife but she’s living in Canada and I haven’t seen her for two months now. I’ve found it to be a very invigorating process and I love it and have finally nailed down what I believe is the ultimate recipe! and I want to bring whatever SMIDGE of healing I can to YOU. If anyone is interested in the guaranteed highest potency for cost tincture around, comment and let me know and I’ll get it to you, through the mail for half the cost ...

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Interested? Want to learn more about the community?
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