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Okay y’all, I am fired up this morning with the news that 2.9 million more Americans filed for unemployment last week..... this brings the total unemployment numbers due to the Coronavirus to around 36.5 MILLION AMERICANS. THIRTY-SIX AND A HALF MILLION PEOPLE!!!! THIS IS ABSOLUTELY INSANE. How much longer are we going to do this? When do we start counting the families that can’t feed themselves or pay rent/mortgage and lose their homes? The people that go into depression and need to be medicated with unnecessary addictive drugs, people who commit suicide because they feel like their lives are over & there’s no way to survive???? The government can’t save everyone from everything. We’ve saved many from COVID, now let us save the hard working American people and their families by letting us work! GOD created WORK to give us PURPOSE in our lives. How many people feel like they have no purpose right now because they’re being told their job, and they themselves, are not ...

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Breaking All The Rules!

Newsom and the stormtroopers should be at my door any moment now. Today’s DM in the content section now!

Merry Piss-Mas 2020

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November 29, 2020

Black Mulch Matters! Hope you’re having a great Sunday...

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