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Kimia @Kimia
May 15, 2020

I took some time and translated a poem I did turn into a performance back home before I leave the country would appreciate your opinions on it.

Lipstick on the world's face

Part 1

Someone dies
Someone dies every day
Someone who dies every day
1,648,195 SQ. KM
1,648,195 SQ. KM
Not a step more
Not a step less
My motherland is hanging from me
I'm not feeling well
I'm not flower
I'm not bird either
I'm cage
I won't break , I won't fall
But nothing gets better
Drowned in a heritage that doesn't exist as much as its name
It's amusing to watch me fly in circles

Part 2

I was born bullet proof
My mother sewed wings on back
Instead of putting a passport in my pocket
To fly over the borders
Escape the sarrows & dream above dreams
Still nothing gets better
I'm dreaming & I don't feel well
Still everyday
When I spin in people's mind
And let them spin in my poems
My mother starts her day with me!
Her yesterdays , her tomorrows
I become her everyday
A man lays next to me

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