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May 15, 2020

I took some time and translated a poem I did turn into a performance back home before I leave the country would appreciate your opinions on it.

Lipstick on the world's face

Part 1

Someone dies
Someone dies every day
Someone who dies every day
1,648,195 SQ. KM
1,648,195 SQ. KM
Not a step more
Not a step less
My motherland is hanging from me
I'm not feeling well
I'm not flower
I'm not bird either
I'm cage
I won't break , I won't fall
But nothing gets better
Drowned in a heritage that doesn't exist as much as its name
It's amusing to watch me fly in circles

Part 2

I was born bullet proof
My mother sewed wings on back
Instead of putting a passport in my pocket
To fly over the borders
Escape the sarrows & dream above dreams
Still nothing gets better
I'm dreaming & I don't feel well
Still everyday
When I spin in people's mind
And let them spin in my poems
My mother starts her day with me!
Her yesterdays , her tomorrows
I become her everyday
A man lays next to me

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23 minutes ago

Sunday reflections...

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Enjoying a last, glorious spell of late summer here, right when the calendar is telling the trees to please start changing their colors. Which they do! They seem to be high in the trait conscientiousness ;-)

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