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When are all the Robber Barons who signed up for The Giving Pledge going to stop talking about giving their fortunes away and actually do it. I'm not the one who said it they did; I'm just asking what are you waiting for? Warren Buffet has another 15 years to live why does he need to be worth 70 billion dollars when he dies? With 20 million Americans loosing their jobs at no fault of there own, now is a better time than ever to give their fortune away. Personally I think The Giving Pledge is bullshit and was created as a PR campaign for the people who sold out the American worker can walk down the street without getting tomatoes thrown at them. Bill Gatz has been giving his fortune away for a long ass time but somehow he still one of the richest people in the world. I know his networth is in stocks but whats stopping him from selling those stocks and helping out the poor today instead of when he dies? I just watch an interview with Warren Buffet pretending to care about the poor ...

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