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Another interesting one by Jim Rutt. This time with Jack Murphy. @DaveRubin you might like this one.

"Jack Murphy talks to Jim about his professional & political background, why he started The Liminal Order, his book, Democrat to Deplorable, the left’s attack on masculinity, Jack’s view on the manosphere & men’s rights movement, the toxic masculinity meme, gender equality vs equity, post-modernism, the authoritarian left, Gameb, identity politics, the negative impacts of social justice, systemic & implicit racism, Trump’s personality, new masculinity, localism, and more."

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CancelCon is live tonight with Prager, Carolla, Shapiro, Cruz and yours truly. Tune in at 5 pm PST / 8 pm EST!

Up before sunrise for Fox and Friends in about 15 minutes. As you can see, Clyde is ready to roll...

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When you’re taking your morning bathroom break in the hospital locker room and overhear someone listening to @DaveRubin in the shower at work. That’s commitment! Almost waited to meet them and make friends but I figured it would be weird to wait for another man outside the shower...

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