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I'm 3.5 miles away from the mayhem of Minneapolis at my workshop. I'm in a woodshop with a CNC and plasma cutter running and the overwhelming odor of smoke coming from ground zero.

I understand protests have begun in LA as well and who knows where else. No one here is talking about the potential 'red zone' for Corona if that be truly a thing. I am an eternal skeptic on all things, most assiduously on social ones. Multiple businesses have either been looted, set aflame or both.

Barracks have been created with Target shopping carts from the rioters outside the precinct where the four former officers were released. To my understanding, none yet have been arrested but released on administrative leave with pay.

Most I spoken with that I live around or in the cities to this moment are still only seeing the chaos as sympathy for George. Seemingly, the national guard has been called in. I woke up this morning excited to see the fire breath from Dragon, heralding two into the ...

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