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I believe I MAY have found a great arguing point I had never thought of before:

  1. Socialists believe capitalism is evil
  2. Pure unbridled capitalism would strive, through any mean necessary, to capitalize on economic gains above everything else.
  3. Hiring illegal immigrants to do work that normally an American would do allows a corporation to pay the worker whatever they feel like, therefore maximize their profit from that persons labor.
  4. Trump is for hiring American workers above illegal immigrants and paying them at or above minimum wage.

Therefore, wouldn’t it be safe to say that Trump is against unbridled capitalism and greed in theory if not in practice? And wouldn’t that counter the argument that those who support the President are just greedy money grubbing people? In rejecting hiring illegal immigrants, the Left could argue its racist but they can’t argue that it’s ultimately in service to the corporate elite.

Either exploit American citizens and make...

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My son got me into CSGO so we got shirts of our favorite teams to watch during matches. He actually asked to take a pic with me. I guess I am not a total dork. 😂

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September 20, 2020

Sunday reflections...

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