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Hi, I'm Jennifer, I'm new here and as it looks like we all might be dog lovers, I thought my first post should include my two furbabies so you could all meet the 'kids' too, Angus and Bonnie. The picture reflects their usual stand-off stance over the ball. They bring me much comfort and joy.

I am looking forward to engaging here, I admire Dave greatly for his intellect, his courage and his opennes. I am rather obsessed with Jordan Peterson too!

Already, this platform has a feel of safety about it which is hugely important to me particularly in coming from other sites such FB and twitter. I am finding the negativity and polarisation of topics far too overwhelming for me right now and I am happy to share that browsing through some of the lovely photos here, I already feel like I am coming in out of the cold.

Just a quiet word to the wise, I like writing but I also tend to miss small words throughout so I really do hope that Dave has thought of an 'edit post' button, otherwise...

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