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Just listened to Michael Malice’s interview and I truly enjoy his perspective on numerous subjects. He is however completely off base when he seeks his burn it all down anarchy. I wanted to speak with you in Denver about this. (Book tour) There is no single functioning anarchy in the world today as anarchy is a transitional “form” of non government. It is the very vacuum created when a current govt. is burned down. Usually it is replaced with the far worse “evil that you don’t know”. I give you Iraq as one example. There are, in the end, two types of possible long term govt structures. Oligarchy or rule by the few or Representative Republic or rule by the people. If you are very lucky you get the latter but the current numbers don’t bear this out. Less lucky is a benevolent Oligarchy. Least attractive of all is the tyrant, dictator led Oligarchy. A brutal head with several nasty hand picked supporters.
Michaels burn it all down should be more aptly named burn it all ...

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