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Without denying the horrible tragedy of what happened to George Floyd, I believe we have witnessed a dangerous glimpse of the post-modern perspective: It is ok to be racist against white people, because they are the Oppressors and the Black People are The Oppressed. Apparently they have not heard of the Rwandan genocide, perpetrated by Black Africans against members of their Own race.
This post-modern mentality also tries to tell you that Jewish people are the Oppressors and the Muslims are Oppressed. Yes, the Muslims are Oppressed, but not by Jews (The Uighurs in China, the Rohingyas in Myanmar, the Muslim minority in India, the Bosnian genocide). In fact, throughout history, the Jewish people were oppressed everywhere they go, from the Muslim dynasties of Persia, the militarized regime of Hitler to the brutal "equity at all costs" Stalinist Union.
Post-modern politics rely not on logic, reason, history or factual accuracy, but unattainable ideals. It is important not to fall into...

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Dinner at the Budge-Hill Estate:

Homemade pico de Gallo salsa, blacktail taco burger ( harvested by thine own hand), shredded Tillamook cheeses, frijoles and sourcream paired with 2Towns best!!

Happy Friday, dear locals!!

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Clyde’s got a sudden rash on his belly so we’re waiting in the car at the vet. He’s less than enthused at the moment...

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