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People wonder why the FBI requested more video on George Floyd's death at the hands of a Minneapolis PD officer. They wonder why the other officers on scene did not intervene.

The officer's use of his knee on the shoulder and neck of the suspect is precisely what police officers nationwide are trained to do to restrain a resisting suspect. This exact method is used hundreds if not thousands of times every day. The widely accepted claim was that Floyd was asphyxiated because he said at one point "I can't breathe". This is false. The autopsy showed Floyd did not die of asphyxia or neck injuries. The officer's use of force was not the direct cause of Floyd's death. Floyd had serious cardiac disease and likely had a heart attack triggered by the stress of the arrest.

There is also claims that Floyd was "innocent". In fact the initial contact with police was due to him supposedly passing a counterfeit $20 bill. Floyd has a criminal history, including check fraud.

The officer's ...

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