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Why is the media, even fox, and officials on both sides talking about the systematic racism in this? Have I missed some news that points to that ? Or is this really what it looked like which is some guy that shouldn't have been a cop abusing his authority which resulted in the tragic death of a human. Do we know that he did it because the victim was black? Seems like if the latter is the case then the flames of the people in the streets are being unduly fanned

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Hi All,

Joined up to Scott Adams and this site after seeing Dave's interview with him.

Right leaning libertarian from Ireland and living in the UK for 33 years.

Look forward to getting to know you all.


Is this the first Locals baby? Emma was born on the 16th. We’re doing well. Hope you guys are too. Xxx

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This is why God gave us sunsets. To say good bye to a troubled day. God gave us sunrises to welcome a new day filled with hope. Hugs to everyone. I am always thinking of you all 🌻

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