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With the new facts revealed on George Floyd's arrest and death, the story has changed completely.

What we were told before:

  • Floyd never resisted before he was cuffed
  • Floyd never resisted after he was cuffed
  • Floyd being arrested and cuffed was unnecessary
  • Floyd was taken to the ground by police
  • Floyd being restrained after he was cuffed was completely unwarranted
  • Floyd said "I can't breathe" only when the officer had him on the ground with his knee on his neck, so the officer should have believed him
  • Floyd died of asphyxiation because the officer had his knee on Floyd's neck

What we know now:

  • Floyd resisted police as he was removed from his parked car, which is why he was cuffed
  • Floyd also resisted being cuffed, and police had to struggle to cuff him
  • Floyd struggled and resisted being put in a patrol vehicle to be transported to the station
  • Floyd told police he was "not going to get in the car"
  • Floyd fell to the ground on purpose to prevent ...
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