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Went around downtown Lincoln NE to get a first look at the damage. Worst part is that this got as close as 4 blocks from where I live. I also saw the BLM people in front of the capital. I told them that what they were doing wasn’t solving anything and though that was not the thing I was really trying to say. I should of been more specific. The one white girl (not that it should matter) with a face mask on said I only thought that because I was white. I straight out said that was a racist thing to say and that part I don’t regret.

Edit: citizens are also out cleaning up. I looked for a opportunity to help but there were lots of people and didn’t want to get in the way. I did buy and hand out some cold water bottles though. These people care about building and fixing while these rioters only care about distraction.

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November 25, 2020

I know it’s not Meme Monday but I had to share...

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Good news on the Eve of Thanksgiving. And Justice Amy sealed the deal! Amen!

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It a very old cartoon from a very celebrated Indian cartoonist. But feels so true now in even US.

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