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May 31, 2020

The double standard.
Rosalyn Sanchez insults part of her English-speaking fans but don't want them to know.I wanted to share the frustration of not being able to call her on her lack of valor. Like her - I am a born and raised Puerto Rican woman too -- so it's not a racial thing. She wrote the censurable part of the tweet in Spanish so it would elude the Twitter filters and/or her English-speaking fans would not find out she insulted them. For some reason, the tweet does not contain a translate option. The second sentence says: "You have to be a real a___hole (pendejo/a) to continue supporting such a repugnant (repugnante) person like that." (referring to President Trump).
If in fact she has no fans that are Trump supporters, why didn't she just do the entire tweet in English as she has in so many occasions before? Would Tweeter actually ban her?

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