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Tim Scott was on Fox News over the weekend. In trying to explain why there are so many protests, he said that he has been pulled over by the police seven times in the time he has been in the Senate. He attributed this to “driving while black”.
This left so many questions, and I was hoping that someone would have asked a couple, so that we could understand what he was saying. If he were, after all, being pulled over for simply being black, it would lend a lot of credibility to the demands of systemic racism on the part of “the police”. Of course, modern journalists do not know how to ask good questions, so we did not get to go deeper. For Scott’s assertion to be true, we would have to believe that the police department that is part of the most democratically controlled city, where black officers make up 58% of the force, were there is a black mayor and a majority minority city council, has a problem with systemic racism.
For me, there is a bigger problem with his ...

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