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I am sharing the frustration that many have expressed here during these days of rioting, virtue signaling and confusion. While I have never and still do not consider myself a racist, I agree that I have been ignorant to some of what it means to be black in America. That said, I still reject the pseudo “compassionate “ racism of the left via the democrat party toward that community. Aren’t we all Americans, longing to live freely? I love justice, I love mercy, I love humility, but I am really uncomfortable with bandwagons. This black screen Instagram thing seems so contrived . I like Michael Knowles comedic take with a black screen and a rainbow in the middle. Yeah , who DOES run the secular social justice calendar?😁

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October 17, 2020
Trump Rally in Beverly Hills

Exclusive for the community...

Live on Fox and Friends in a few minutes

Don’t worry, I have my notes...

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12 hours ago
Just set my alarm

For a 4:15 am hit on Fox and Friends. We are being told Trump will be on right after me. Stay tuned!

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