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June 02, 2020

I want to share this with the group just to shine some light on myself with the intention of showing some people here that people can see past what select groups and individuals do thus avoiding the dreaded "generalization" that our society can be so guilty of. But a part of this also has a question for anyone willing enough to provide their perspective.

I am mixed race... half Guyanese (basically Indian if I had to explain it to anyone) and Russian. I went to various Catholic/private schools my entire upbringing up until college. I was an average student up until college. I was regularly bullied and picked on from 1st-8th grade for having "brown" skin and having the last name Khan. Most of the people at this time who made my life hell were white. Upon going to high school where I finally found my "adolescent identity," I realized that I was now being picked on by people my age but from all races. I also noticed how girls at that age definitely did not find my appealing and ...

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