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I just had an interesting encounter at a store (national chain). I had one small purchase and mentioned to the clerk, (a 30 something black female I had never met) that it wasn't much fun shopping there lately as the inventory is so depleted. She agreed and said the virus was bad enough, but the riots were despicable. That was an opening to ask for her perspective about what is going on. She condemned the rioters, anyone who supports the rioters and then kind of feeling out my leanings, said she was a huge conservative, the media lies, that Dems prey on the black communities and people are slowly waking up to that. We talked about Rubin, Shapiro, Owens... She said that Candace is her twin and that everything she believes, Candace says. We're meeting for lunch next week and I'm looking forward to the conversation.

Interested? Want to learn more about the community?
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Dave will be LIVE in a few!

Anyone got a good recipe or idea for dinner tonight? We are officially through the leftovers and @davidjanet is heading out to the store soon. What’s on your plate this evening?

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I start the day with coffee, Clyde does his morning meditation. What do you do?

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