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I reject the narrative.

It was exhausting yesterday to receive email after email from virtue signalling organizations referring to the racism, bigotry, and white supremacy of America (those were actual words used).

Rush Limbaugh has for years used the phrase - "I reject the narrative" when discussing events where PC, cliched, conventional wisdom is stated as fact. I think that statement is a great starting point in a conversation with those who trot out demonstrable BS. Everything on the Left is about controlling the narrative. We need to have the facts to dismantle of course (see Rubin/Elder interview for tips), but "I reject the narrative" will be my opening line.

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Happy Thursday Rubin Report Friends and Refugees! We could sure use the wisdom of MLK these days. Prayers for so many cities suffering under violence and fear.

21 hours ago

“There’s nothing to see here, please disperse...”

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