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Hi folks,
I hope you're well this day.
Well I took Dave's advice from his book and I ditched the smartphone.
I ran the battery down, disabled the connections, took out the SIM card and put it in the safe.
I will be cancelling the contract at the end of it's duration.
I switched all of my apps to the laptop (which stays at home).
I will be present in the world to experience it, warts and all.
Why? Firstly as Dave says it was becoming highly addictive and impacting my life with the constant drip feed of bad news that I didn't need.
Secondly, where I live they're starting to use smart phones to track us, and regardless of what is said, this will only get worse over the next few years. And quite frankly I'll be damned before I'll pay for the privilege of allowing the Gov't/ and or Big tech to track me.
I do have an old non internet phone for emergencies , text and calls only and the number is for half a dozen close family members in extreme circumstances
Honestly, it feels ...

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22 hours ago

Here’s what makes me happy on a Sunday.

What about you?

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My dad is 72 today. In his lifetime he has taught ballroom dancing, got accepted into West Point but family convinced him not to go, won a full scholarship for singing, offered a job in the NSA but also didn’t take it, was one of two chosen in BMT during Vietnam to do intel for the frontlines from Okinawa, was a DJ for a very popular radio show, quit his job and became a full time caretaker of my Nana with Alzheimer’s when his two other siblings wouldn’t, couldn’t find a job when he had to put her somewhere and become “the truck guy” and unloads trucks at 72, and most importantly RAISED ME BY HIMSELF! And yes that’s a run on sentence but I don’t care 🤣 Happy Birthday to “Me Ole Geezard” ❤️

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