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I posted this (way below) on FB last night because I'm sick of the violence. Man, did my leftist "friends" light up the comments. I was having a hard time reconciling first ammendment rights and unfriending people because I want to hear everyone's voice. But today, I'm unfriending like a fiend. If anyone justifies the violence, they're gone. Thanks, RR community, for the courage to finally say something. BTW, good morning, @Blast8 Frankie! (I'm serious about greeting you every day, lol!)

In the last 96 hours...
-A Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Officer was shot in the back of the head while struggling with a rioter
-An active shooter opened fire on law enforcement at a Las Vegas courthouse
-4 St. Louis Police Officers were shot by an active shooter
-A New York Police Officer was struck by a vehicle
-3 Buffalo law enforcement officers were struck by a vehicle in front of the police station
-3 Davenport law enforcement officers were ambushed and 1 was shot
-132 officers were ...

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Old girl needs a bath just like rioters need to get a job I'm getting tired of all this i hope people get there crap together soon

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