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I generally consider myself fairly objective and a very hard sell on sensational claims. I know I have a right lean, but I'm not the kind to submit Bernie's talk of Cuba's literacy program into evidence to prove he wants gulags.

However, in the face of the riots, I have been extremely vocal condemning them. I've tried to dispel the myth that this is somehow comparable to the Boston Tea Party or Stonewall. I've tried to tell people that "it's not just property" pointing to our community here in Nashville where bars are reeling from COVID and just got ransacked in the riots leaving many without jobs.

Still, I have encountered messaging like what I've attached here more than a few times. What's alarming to me is that I'm not encountering it from some random person on Twitter. It's not bots. They aren't trolls. I know these people that are saying blood is necessary for change. This is a screenshot I took from my own Facebook feed from someone I've hung out with. These are every-day ...

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18 hours ago

Turkey stuffing cranberry sauce salad on challah. (Chopped and mixed with gherkins and mayo.)

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November 26, 2020

Though @davidjanet is doing most of the cooking, I do open the wine. Hope you’re all having a wonderful (and delicious) day...

Woke up early today so I could bask in the delight of my tree. There is something special about all of it. I'm so grateful for all of the amazing people in my life. And somehow this tree represents that.

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