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Tim is so naively blind to anarchist agitation. He's free to defend his ideal (and I see anarcho-capitalists do this all the time, too). But it's Bernie's ANARCHO-communist and ANARCHO-syndicalist radicals who are now out on the streets in NY and Minneapolis burning shit down. What these people are doing, is exactly the same thing the anarcho-communist radicals headed up by Emma Goldman in 1920 were doing in New York, as well. So, Tim can pretend to himself all day long, that anarchists don't believe in the use of force. But his Kropotkinite comrades would beg to differ.

Here is one of the few things I agree with Yaron Brook on (mostly because I've actually read Nozick and Hayek): The state is a monopoly on the use of force. Anarchism is competition in the use of force. The anarchist thinks that he who wins the competition, wins his freedom. That's the game these people are playing. Anarchists are not hippies.

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People often ask me why I never tweet before having coffee. This Golden Girls clip sums it up quite well...

The definition of a progressive ...

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Hats off to Scott Adams...and to Jack Murphy for putting this together. I got chills.

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