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@DaveRubin I just received this from my company, was basically sent to everyone in U.S... i *** the names of company and individuals.

normally i don't do this, but i felt a very visceral negative reaction to it. is this a reasonable thing to say to all US employees coming from a multi-national, internationally operating entertainment business (video games specifically)? there's one clause in there that I think all of you will instantly point out, but I really want to know what people think who don't work at the company what they would think if their management sent them something like this... enjoy!

Dear Colleagues,
It has been a heavy week for the US, as the harsh reality that black people face in this country swept the news and our timelines. Whilst shining a brighter spotlight than ever before on this reality and what needs to be done, it has also surfaced an extreme amount of trauma and anxiety for the black community, who are being constantly reminded of the...

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