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A BUCKET LIST TO DIE FOR - For the sake of argument let us conclude that there is someone who has oodles of $$ to spend on achieving every last goal they have on their personal Bucket List.
Also, let us surmise that that this same person has checked off quite a few items on their Bucket List.
For example... > Visit Moscow...check / Buy a bushel full of US politicians...check / Manipulate the world markets...check & double check / Bring the world economy to its knees...workin' on it but almost there. / Crash the US Economy & Overthrow the Capitalist System as a means of checking off item progress / Fund a Radical Group of Black-Hooded- Mask-Wearing Fascists to facilitate #s 4 and by default #3...check
Now just for giggles...
Let us suppose that this Old, Very Rich SOB gets a "Your time is short" Medical Diagnosis that means they MUST put into action their once long-term plan NOW...
does anyone know how Soros is feeling these days?

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Yep. People need to stop giving power to others that they are not constitutionally supposed to have.

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