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I grew up at a time when the Confederate flag was mostly seen as a symbol of anti-authoritarianism. It had become an international symbol of rebellion. It was on television, it was on album covers, it was on t-shirts, bumper stickers, and was ubiquitous in Rock Music. The idea of racism was not what most people thought of when they saw it.

When some folks came along explaining that it was a symbol of racism to them, the feelings and beliefs of the majority was ignored. In fact, any complaint was publicly denounced as evidence of racism. Good people were bullied into not only giving up their symbol, but forced to claim some level of responsibility for the bad acts of people long dead.

A few years ago, a football player who was experiencing a collapsing career, started protesting America by kneeling during the playing of the National Anthem. He said he could not celebrate a country that had as much racial injustice as America. As he intended, people were offended. Again, the ...

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Old girl needs a bath just like rioters need to get a job I'm getting tired of all this i hope people get there crap together soon

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