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June 04, 2020

How I let go of my anger....

I have been livid and pissed for days, at the false narrative and violent lunatics hijacking protests. I would get flustered at seeing the violence or hearing lies. I would feel a perverse glee at hearing the statistics and be moved to near tears at peaceful protesters preaching for responsible fathers. I've spent the last day or so removing myself from this cycle and I have to say this acceptance brings a sort of peace I hadn't realized I needed (I really hope it sticks).

This isn't left vs right, black vs white, gay vs straight, male vs female, etc. I truly believe we are all one people - Americans. I need to own that and live that. That means standing with people I disagree with. I don't need to change minds. I need to change beliefs. We need to reestablish personal responsibility and common decency as the core of our shared identity.

Fatherhood has taught me that being present as an exemplar is the most important (and hardest) part of the ...

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