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If you are waiting for government to put down the riots you are part of the problem.

Posted elsewhere:

I’m a 2A absolutist, in that I don’t think we should be abdicating our personal responsibility to protect our selves and communities onto the government and police.

We would not be having these issues if people were armed and willing to defend their homes and business, and not just waiting for the police or National Guard to do it for us.

Continuing the thought:

As long as we have police and they are human then police will be vunrable to making mistakes as any other human. So we can deal with that as rationally and fairly as possible or we can riot and break shit when things enevitably go wrong.

The only 100% effective way for there to be no police misconduct would to have no police at all. Relying on ourselves to defend and police our communities.


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September 20, 2020

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