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Living in the Twin Cities ( not for nigh longer) and considering the talk of eliminating police, I began to consider the poison dart bullet points of the past 4 years in particular with Trump's administration and the thematic instructions woke society has failed miserably while considering:

All white people are racist
All men are rapists
All Trump supporters (including Jews) are Nazis
All Rebuplicans are fascists
Businesses are empty husks of capitalism
Pregnancies are always expendable in the choice of abortion
Genders are immaterial
Global warming is reason for communism
Oil is evil (cept how all those carbon friendly bicycles)
Meat eaters are evil
Speech is dangerous

No one needs to own a gun
Police are obsolete

But 3 quarters of humanity are either Nazis, fascists, rapists, racists, and/or science deniers ...

When I buy my one-way ticket to space, I might still be human, but you can be damned sure I will be using Earthling as a pejoritive.

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18 hours ago

“There’s nothing to see here, please disperse...”

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September 22, 2020

Fine work by The Babylon Bee...

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Happy Thursday Rubin Report Friends and Refugees! We could sure use the wisdom of MLK these days. Prayers for so many cities suffering under violence and fear.

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