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June 05, 2020

Its called Stockholm syndrome.

The country is being held hostage by a terrorist organization (antifa), a hate group (blm), and left ideologues, and more and more people are continuing to ally with their captures. The USA does not negotiate with terrorists (except we are) or support hate groups (except we are) or listen to crazies (except we are). Parents should know this - you can say no to your child and still love them; similarly, we can say no to these organizations and people and still love our neighbors regardless of their skin color.

I severely underestimated the severity of the crisis for meaning.

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13 hours ago

Burger with egg, onion, pickles, tomato, lettuce, and special sauce on a cauliflower flat.

As some of you have noted we do eat a lot of red meat around here. Did swordfish last night. (Next pic!)

What’s on your agenda for today?

January 17, 2021

Here’s what makes me happy on a Sunday.

What about you?

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