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"Defund The Police" - Doesn't even rhyme with "George Floyd".
WTF !!!
As if this isn't a very dangerous idea AND well thought out by it's proponents as for the timing of making such a ludicrous DEMAND to boot.
Think about it for a second...
Media keeps shouting > "police are beating Peaceful Protesters"... 'Expert Talking Heads' bemoan the military-style gear the police are wearing without a word about how even with the riot gear they are getting pummeled on a nightly basis by the MOB of peaceful protesters.
Is this the perfect time to exploit the abundance of Extreme White-Guilt & Angst by getting the Lefty Mayors & Councilors to promise to defund their local police depts.
Apologists come in all forms.
Let Minneapolis completely disband the police dept. and then start the stop watch to mark how much time passes before they blame Trump for the drastic rise in crime.
Same for other cities that do the same thing.
Does anyone think if Eric Garcetti defunds the Los Angeles Police Dept. that the beautiful people of Beverly Hills will see fewer patrol officers or is it more likely the already struggling sections of LA who will suffer the brunt of that decision?
One more thing -
Can we PLEASE find some "experts" who actually have a clue about the many topics we've been treated to hearing them pontificate on lately.
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This is my little sis from Big Brothers / Big Sisters. She hopes to one day be a baker/pastry chef. For her 17th birthday, I asked what she wanted to do? Amanda found a recipe for a cake she wanted to make that looked WAY more difficult than I thought we could accomplish. But this wonderful young lady met the challenge! This cake took 5 HOURS to make, with Italian buttercream, American buttercream, ganache, sprinkles, an Ariana Grande tie-in... and a 3-layer Funfetti cake! This is what Amanda wanted to do for her birthday — a challenge that she could meet. So proud of her! (Amanda and I have been “matched” for 4+ years.)
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