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The U.S. mail comes today around 11 Eastern Time.
I notice a bill from my trash collection service. It comes every three months.
I figure I have twenty minutes before my next obligation so I sat down to do a quick on line payment.
The three month bill is just over 45 dollars. I usually pay 60 so I can look forward someday to have a zero balance and have a bill I might be able to miss some day when times are tough. Good planning eh?
Actually my amount due this time had diminished to just over 3 dollars. I was proud of myself. It is hard to admit, but there was a time, long ago, when I had a book of food stamps my daughter and I needed to use to get by.
I vowed then to work our way out of that ... and did.

I now press the button to pay 60 and smile in that great feeling of accomplishment.

The robot doing the paying for me from my bank to the company picking up my trash, says it will be paid on Monday, June 8, 2020. Good deal.

My eye drifts to the due date on the bill....

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