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My Latest Get-Rich-Kwik plan is to...Open A Tourist Theme Park !!!
Tentatively I am calling it..."Destination-Plantation & Resort"
The idea is to purchase a small (at first) piece of farmland somewhere in the south & advertise HEAVILY in northern suburbia the opportunity for the "White-Guilt Uber Liberal Family" to assuage that guilt by spending their vacation-time planting & picking cotton - depending on the season - on a fully functioning
"Authentic Recreation of a Southern Plantation"
Vacation packages will include but not be limited to -
the $$ saving "Basic Plan" where the Tourists can be Field Hands.
The slightly more pricey "Porch Sitters Plan" where visitors can shuck corn or prepare other vegetables also grown at "Destination-Plantation & Resort" that they will hand over to the 'guests' who have ponied up the most cash to enjoy the experience of being the"House Help" - the cooks, waiters, maids etc.
I am currently researching venues where the "Destination-Plantation & ...

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According to The Verge, the Biden campaign is trying to find YouTubers to counter Ben Shapiro and me. For the record we have reached out to their campaign multiple times...

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