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Gotta ask.
Weren't we told recently that the Black population was MORE VULNERABLE to Covid-19 than was the White population ?
Weren't some of the more MORONIC "news" anchors & talking heads on MSNBC & CNN along with at least a few black "leaders" even calling it a "racist disease" ????
Yet in response to the "peaceful protests"...
Why now are more than 1200 doctors, medical professionals & public health officials putting their signatures on a letter
that says:
"As public health advocates, we do not condemn these gatherings as risky for COVID-19 transmission... This should not be confused with a permissive stance on all gatherings, (?????) particularly protests against stay-at-home orders."
Then goes on to state:
"Those actions not only oppose public health interventions, but are also ROOTED IN WHITE NATIONALISM and RUN CONTRARY TO RESPECT FOR BLACK LIVES."
WTF !!!

PS Thank You Tucker Carlson for the info.

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My greatest accomplishment!

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View as I drove home from a neighboring town where my friend's home was saved twice- once last night when it came near her backyard and then again today when a hotspot by her house flared up. Grateful for firefighters and their work saving her home. Even during all this craziness there is much to be thankful for.

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