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Alexis Ohanian looks to be edging into the lead position in the Virtue Signaling Olympics? Will he remain at the front, or will another competitor pull ahead to take the gold?

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Well, this is my brief comment on
four second half of the election Senate
hearings I have watched so far.
Gettysburg, PA: Very well run and an example
for others to follow. Expressed a passionate
interest in seeing that the results of
this election is fair. I have hope for them.
Michigan: Oh my God, Help us! It was
chaotic, disrespectful and arguative.
A mess and an embarrassment for Michigan.
Georgia: This one was interesting.
It is almost as if one of them was appointed
to watch the Georgia one and commit
to ACT like ladies and gentlemen during
their hearing the next day. I felt that it
was very smooth, very respectful appearance,
and very deceptive. They kept referring
to evidence of fraud as mistakes and
innacuracies. During each Senator’s closing
statements they kept emphasizing how
they will investigate how all these
mistakes happened and will improve
future elections. WHAT FUTURE
ELECTIONS!!! They adjourned without
allowing Mayor ...

It Had To Be Done

Shout-out to my mayor...

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