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I posted this in response to a poster here who said they were looking to buy a handgun. Due to what is going on now, I think my advice merits a thread of its own as I expect a lot of people are going to become first-time gun owners and CHL holders soon. So if you are about to become a gun owner and concealed carrier for the first time, I hope this helps.

I strongly recommend you go to a local gun range that rents handguns. 'Try before you buy' will save you a whole lot of frustration and money. Also, get a quality holster. This is an intergral part of your firearms carry system.

It is critical that you get some professional training. Not only will it greatly improve your shooting, you will also learn proper safety technique and what your local laws say about when you can and cannot use lethal force. In addition, having professional training is quite helpful in a legal defense.

I also highly recommend you check out the Active Self Protection YouTube channel ( ...

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It is with a heavy heart my wife and I share that her grandmother passed away. Some of you may have seen me post about her before. Grandma Muffin was a staple to this family; every birthday, holiday and special occasion was done at Grandma's along with delicious home made food. My wife and I along with her siblings have decided to continue with the meals at either our home or her mom's to keep the tradition alive.

I really wanted to share one of grandma's rules for her home. No matter your opinion, your place in the family or if you had one of the arguments during making hay that left you at odds with each other. You cross that threshold you were even, on common ground, you became the adult you are and minded your manners and grandma.

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