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The movement that is taking us, as a society right now, is exceptional problematic to Christians. We are being told to accept that everyone is mostly a member of certain classes, and that all the troubles of the world are caused by the classes at the top of the power hierarchy. Those classes at the top of the power hierarchies are irredeemable, and may not even know that they are doing wrong. We are told that the classes at the bottom of the power hierarchy are somehow more virtuous, and that they cannot commit the same sins that the classes at the top of the hierarchy cannot help but commit.

Think about this.

Power dynamics and not sin is the problem. Some people cannot repent and have their sin forgiven. Some people do not need to have their sins forgiven.

How is that reconcilable with Biblical Christianity? It is its opposite.

And yet, Christians are buying into it, and these ideas are starting to be taught in even the most conservative churches. Currently, the ...

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22 hours ago

Here’s what makes me happy on a Sunday.

What about you?

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My dad is 72 today. In his lifetime he has taught ballroom dancing, got accepted into West Point but family convinced him not to go, won a full scholarship for singing, offered a job in the NSA but also didn’t take it, was one of two chosen in BMT during Vietnam to do intel for the frontlines from Okinawa, was a DJ for a very popular radio show, quit his job and became a full time caretaker of my Nana with Alzheimer’s when his two other siblings wouldn’t, couldn’t find a job when he had to put her somewhere and become “the truck guy” and unloads trucks at 72, and most importantly RAISED ME BY HIMSELF! And yes that’s a run on sentence but I don’t care 🤣 Happy Birthday to “Me Ole Geezard” ❤️

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