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June 07, 2020

New to the community. Over the past few years, I've become alarmed by what I see as anti-free speech and authoritarian trends, many of the things highlighted on Dave's show. The events of COVID-19 and the riots have really concerned me, and I feel like we're living in a version of Orwell's 1984 at times. What advice do you have or what things do you do to take constructive action? I feel like if I just sit and watch you tube videos, throw thoughts into the Twitterverse, or have futile Facebook interactions, then I am not really doing anything other than getting myself irritated.

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Dave will be LIVE in a few!

Rob @MauiRob
30 seconds ago

This one for you @DaveRubin ! Watch til the end!

Anyone got a good recipe or idea for dinner tonight? We are officially through the leftovers and @davidjanet is heading out to the store soon. What’s on your plate this evening?

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