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Minneapolis does not appear to be eliminating all policing. They say they are going to reorganize that function under a Department of Public Safety, which apparently will include law enforcement, firefighters, paramedics, 911 operators and other emergency services. They have not yet announced any detailed plan.

Given the leftist officials who will be creating the new plan, I speculate that they will form an unarmed community policing service with a SWAT org to handle serious threats. If so, the gangbangers and other violent criminals will be eating the unarmed officers as hors d'oeuvres. Citizens will be abusing and attacking these unarmed officers at will without fear. I very much doubt city officials will commit the required resources to have nearly enough armed tactical team officers to even begin to meet the city's needs. The results, if my guesses about how this is going to be set up are correct, will be pretty ugly. We shall see.

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The Star Wars peeps will get it...

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