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Brian D@brky2020
June 07, 2020

Serious question...maybe I'm way out beyond left field* (all the way in the parking lot) on this, but does anyone think before this is over, the alternate platforms will be shut down or taken over by the far left, and everyone else is on the dark web, avoiding the state/sanctioned internet? That would mean the far left puts severe limits on the internet, effectively banning non-sanctioned websites and apps and banning individual users for all sorts of infractions; what worries me is we could get there. If Biden wins, and the far left eliminates their moderate/liberal opposition in the administration and Congress and uses him as a figurehead to push all kinds of policy that only Stalin and Mao would be pleased with, then America will have passed from a republic, way past socialism and into a Marxist dictatorship.

What calms me is that we get there if nobody does anything; if Biden wins there will be resistance. What also calms me is that I'm honestly dubious that the teens and ...

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October 17, 2020
Trump Rally in Beverly Hills

Exclusive for the community...

Live on Fox and Friends in a few minutes

Don’t worry, I have my notes...

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12 hours ago
Just set my alarm

For a 4:15 am hit on Fox and Friends. We are being told Trump will be on right after me. Stay tuned!

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