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Rik R.@cyberrik
June 08, 2020

The idea of white privilege is the epitome of racism. It assumes that benefits and privileges are enjoyed mainly because of your race. And that is what racism is. Racism is an act of attributing to the individual the characteristics of the group as if the group was homogenous. White privilege in that sense has nothing to do with race, but everything to do with culture. It is a privilege for the majority. It is part of living in a culture. You are privileged as a member of that culture. You would never bother building your culture if it did not bring benefits to you. The consequences are that it might bring fewer benefits to the minority of that culture. It is advantagous to be young, you got potential. It is advantagous to be old, you got wealth. It is advatangous to be a woman, you live longer. It is advantagous to be a man, you are stronger. But the advantages are not fixed. There are billions of individual advantages and disadvantages. So when you take it all the way out to the end ...

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Dave is LIVE in 5!

54 seconds ago

Dave's most recent video showing the CNN bias and how they frame a story was awesome ! I've had this debate with friends for years who defend CNN as a "real" news channel. Recently I discovered NTD - I find them great . You may think they cover the CCP too much - but as someone who views the CCP as one of the greatest threats to this side of the world, they're great :

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