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So now we have reached a point at which in quite some areas of the country it looks like civil war, 2020 edition. The leftist thugs have actually used guns and murdered people and intended even more.
There, I have written it, in all its complete absurdity, as a matter of fact.
One might say: The Dems and the MSM, but I repeat myself, have what they wished for.

Where might things go from here?
Should it not be obvious for every decent person on the ground that this cannot be the modus operandi of American politics?

  • What if the "progressives", these criminal lunatics, keep going this path, for months? Is that even possible? How could that not lead to a large majority for the Republicans in November? Because this will bring out each and every decent person to the polling booth, even the usually politics-averse.
  • What if the flood of violence and hysteria goes back significantly, because how could it sustain itself for more than some weeks? But then should at some point some...
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Saturday soundproofing...

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Poker Night at the rectory! Have a great evening friends & refugees !

As requested here are some pictures of the foliage in my backyard.

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