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@DaveRubin, watching the news this morning. So much talk about defunding the police and moving money to 'programs' to help better the community. The problem is, the left doesn't understand how to fix problems - they promote programs that make them worse, a la the welfare system. I'm sure lots of people have great ideas on how to make things better, especially for minority communities, but the majority of us have no voice to get these ideas to our leaders. Problems have been identified by folks like Larry Elder, namely that children born out-of-wedlock are so much more likely to end up in poverty and a life of crime. Perhaps The Rubin Report could put together a panel of great conservative thinkers to come up with viable solutions that could then be proposed to people who can actually do something about it! I have often thought that if we completely revamp the welfare system to incentivize work, intact families and fewer out-of-wedlock births, we could start changing those ...

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