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The last year and a half has been a fast and furious cycle of events. We started out 2019 with the Jussie Smollett fake 'attack by Trump supporters'. Then we had the burning of the Notre Dame cathedral, followed by the New Zealand mosque massacre. Then Boris Johnson became Prime Minister of Britain as Theresa May was ousted, a huge boost for Brexit. Meanwhile protests against ChiCom attempts to take over swept Hong Kong. Mass shootings in Waco, Texas and Dayton, Ohio killed more than 30 people. Soon after Jeffery Epstein's alleged suicide dominated the news. Greta Thunberg had her 15 minutes of fame. The trade war with China dominated the news for a few weeks. Then that was pushed to the side as the drive for the impeachment of Donald Trump over his 'perfect call' to Ukranian President Zelensky gained momentum, only the third time in the 245 year history of our nation a President had been impeached. The failed impeachment vote seemed like the biggest possible story of the 21 century......

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