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MONDAY! MONDAY! MONDAY! (I hope you used your best Monster Truck or Speed Track voice.) Good Morning Friends, Refugees, Conversants, Lurkers , Later Dayers and especially the Early Birds who wander in the wee hours of the morning. Great seeing so many new @handles on different post and some finding their way here. 😊🌞

Bob has some great prayers - came across this in one of my little collection of e-books. Even if you aren't the praying type, or wonder/question/wrestle about something/someone of Divine existence, the desires and thoughts are often good for consideration. Happy Monday friends - with less Monster Truck voice-over. 😆

The day returns and brings us the petty round of irritating concerns and duties. Help us to play the man, help us to perform them with laughter and kind faces; let cheerfulness abound with industry. Give us to go blithely on our business all this day; bring us to our resting bed weary and content and undishonoured, and grant us in the end the...

18 hours ago

Here’s what makes me happy on a Sunday.

What about you?

post photo preview

This seems like a nice escape from things while living in lockdown in LA. 🤪🤪🤪

(Please tell me there’s a cameo by Optimus Prime.)

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