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COVID-19 doesn't seem to be the beast that shady modelers, hyperventilating media people, and power-thirsty politicians painted it to be. As expected, it's another coronavirus.

Even the WHO (which I'm not a big fan of) is saying the asymptomatic carriers aren't likely to transmit the disease, which is another boogeyman the media loved to use. But that is normal for respiratory viruses. Influenza strains, and other coronavirus strains follow the same pattern (at different rates of transmission of course).

The WHO in the beginning said this wasn't some "invisible warrior" we were fighting, and most people showed symptoms that spread the disease. That idea seems to be correct 5 months later.

That history and the patterns included with it should have been factored into the original research for the disease. At best, it was loosely paid attention to.

EDIT 06/09/2020: Why I am not a big fan of the WHO ... they shifted course and revised their "rare" asymptomatic statement to 16%...

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