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Greetings Rubin Report Friends & Refugees! What Social Media Platforms have you used in the past or tried using in the present age?
Here is my list of sites/services
AOL - Chat Rooms - the First Social Media for me
MySpace - While Gaming in an MMORPG - died after a year or two
Facebook - Joined in 2004, Left in 2016, Returned in 2017 - now disenchanted & suspicious of it.
YouTube - Used for years, set up an account only a few years ago
Twitter -Use for reading tweets but tweet very little content
Google Blogger - Numerous Aggregator Blogs - no real blogging
MeWe - Ghost town - great idea - nobody home
Gab - Twitter Frankenstein that just doesn't cut it for me
Parler - Maybe the Contender to give Twitter a run
Bitchute - Youtube alternative as a backup plan
Discord - tried but never really took off for me
Locals - Where I hang my hat more and more often.

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“There’s nothing to see here, please disperse...”

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Yep. People need to stop giving power to others that they are not constitutionally supposed to have.

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