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I want to share my thoughts with this group so here goes.

To me the left and its supporters have become like an immature spoiled little child.

When this child wants another child's toy, he will grab it. If he can't get it on his own, he will have a fit, scream, and yell. If he can threaten to hit another child so that this child gives it to him, he sees nothing wrong with that behavior. If he takes the toy away from the other child and you ask him why he should have it, he will say "because I want it.". If the child takes back his toy, the spoiled immature child will run to mommy and daddy and cry to them to get it back.

There are no standards or hypocrisy here. A spoiled immature child doesn't think in those terms. This type of child acts on his whims, wants, and emotions. If he can enforce his desires, he expects obedience.

Do you remember the woman who was upset that people at the Boost Mobile store had guns “to protect their...

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